Risks of Social Media


Howdy all. The last couple of weeks I’ve been talking up enterprise 2.0 and social media and I know what you’re thinking “Social media is the cat’s pajamas, lets implement this stuff”.  Whoa there cowboy, calm down, you need to know about the risks. There are six main risks that face organizations when it comes to social media:

1. Confidential information

2. Technology risk

3. Reputation risk

4. Employment

5. Statutory risk

6. Occupation and organization risk



I’m going to discuss some of these risks in respect to the ANZ bank. The most potentially destructive risk to ANZ bank, or any bank for that matter, would be the misuse of confidential information. Banks are one of the types of organizations that are most vulnerable to this risk because they have highly sensitive information such as bank account details in addition to all the usual personal information such as addresses and email accounts. Luckily, the risk of this is fairly low because it only uses social media for marketing purposes.


The risk of developing a negative reputation is always a huge risk when it comes to companies using social media. If one person has a bad experience with ANZ they can easily share their bad experience with a large demographic of people by, for example posting a complaint on ANZ’s Facebook page for everyone to see. This risk can also be an asset to the company if ANZ takes these complains and rectifies them or provides compensation through the same channel to show that they really do care about their customers.

One of the most important things to consider when utilizing social media is a social media policy. The purpose of a social media policy is to ensure that the company’s employees understand their obligations when using social media. ANZ should include at least 10 major aspects according to Sharlyn Lauby (president of Internal Talent Management (ITM)).

  1. Introduce the purpose of social media
  2. Be responsible for what you write
  3. Be authentic
  4. Consider your audience
  5. Exercise good judgment
  6. Understand the concept of community
  7. Respect copyrights and fair use
  8. Remember to protect confidential and proprietary information
  9. Bring value
  10. Productivity matters


ANZ should consider all of these points when developing a social media policy.


Social media is an exciting wonderland of fun, entertainment and business improvements opportunities but it doesn’t come without risks. A company should consider all of the mentioned risks before diving in the deep end of social media. 


Enterprise 2.0 Improving Companies

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another action packed blog post. I hope you are ready to learn about how red bull has benefited from implementing enterprise 2.0 tools because that is what today’s blog is about.

Have you heard of this lovely little brand called Red bull? Of course you have because Red bull is a master of marketing and sales. So crack open that can of Red bull because this post is about to get exciting.

You can’t walk across the street without seeing the Red bull logo because let’s face it, Red bull promotes pretty much everything, well everything adventurous anyway.




But I want to talk about how Red bull uses enterprise 2.0 technologies to achieve their dizzying heights of fame and fortune.

 1. http://www.redbull.com/au/en


The Red bull website is a marketing hub for everything sporty. It collects and displays all news and information about sporting events, famous and upcoming athletes, games, photos and videos about everything Red bull related. I think it’s a stroke of genius because the website successfully advertises Red bull energy drinks, advertises Red bull events and athletes while still providing a positive experience for users that are interested in extreme sports. Community discussion is encouraged through the medium of comments which can be posted on articles, videos and images which is a fundamental aspect of enterprise 2.0.


 2. http://www.redbullshop.com/redbull/#


The site achieves all this without shoving Red bull energy drinks and available products down the user’s throat every 5 seconds. But the products are their of course. There is a separate web store devoted to selling Red bull products which is available through the original website. There is also an option to sign up and receive the Red bull newsletter so the news comes to you! What will they think of next?


 3. https://www.facebook.com/redbull


Red bull is also on the social media band wagon with their Red bull Facebook page. I think it has been a success because at the time of writing this, it has 39,638,999 likes and 340,024 talking about it. This is a great marketing tool because the vast majority of the population uses Facebook which makes it likely that most people will come across Red bull at some point. I know I have because 27 of my friend have already liked the page.


There you have it, an example of just how much implementing enterprise 2.0 strategies can improve a company. Red bull have taken advantage of these strategies to dramatically increase the profitability of their marketing to the point where people actually want to where their logo! Crazy stuff.



How to be more Productive featuring web 2.0

Are you one of those people who hate change? Like to do things like you’ve always done them and no amount of hype and recommendations from pesky friends will change that? I thought so. I used to be a skeptic like you until I took a stroll down the web 2.0 lane and emerged a new, more productive, man and I’m here to pass this gift onto you.  So gather round and get comfy because your life is about to be changed.

1. Twittertwitter_icon4

I decided to jump right in the deep end and do some experimenting with Twitter which I’ve never used before. I know what you’re thinking ‘how can Twitter be a productive tool? It’s the opposite of productive’. Well that’s where you are wrong. I am able to promote this fantastic blog on twitter, I get a lot of my news on twitter and I only get news about my interests and not what Justin Bieber is having for lunch. I also get my fill of politics and selfies by following the KRudd which has renewed my interest in what’s going on in Canberra a little bit. Normally I would seek out this information on multiple other websites but now thanks to the marvel that is twitter, I have more time in my day to publish blog posts.

2. LinkedIndownload (1)

I’ve had a linked in account for some time now but I have never really used it and I’m unsure as to why I even crated an account in the first place.  It turns out that linked in can serve as an online resume that you can use to apply for jobs, receive handy tips from industry professionals about almost anything related to your career and make connections within the industry. I’ll be starting my career very soon and I’m glad that I now have this tool at my disposal.

3. Google Drivedownload

Possibly my top pick for web 2.0 tools is Google Drive. I don’t know how I would survive without it because it is just so amazing. Is there anything that it can’t do? I use it as digital storage for all of my uni documents which also allows me to access them from anywhere that has an internet connection. I can share these documents with colleagues straight from Google docs and it will also allow that fellow colleague and I to edit that document together! It has got to be the handiest tool for working collaboratively in the world.

Well there you have it, 3 ways that you can take advantage of web 2.0 technologies to make your life more productive. If you know of any alternatives to these tools please leave a comment and tell me all about it or tell me what’s your favorite web 2.0 tool and why.

The Best Blog in the World

Greetings fellow internet traveler! Today is your lucky day because you have stumbled upon the best blog in the world and it just happens that this blog post will fill you with insight as to how you can create the second best blog in the world. I know what you’re thinking, “who are you to make such outrageous allegations?” well I’m glad you asked. I am Clancy and believe it or not this is the first time that I have dabbled in the elusive art of blogging and I am enjoying it much more than I first anticipated. Enough of this jibber jabber, let’s get to the vital information that you are dying to read, how to make a blog as good as this one. I hope you have your seat belt on because I’m about to take you for the ride of your life.

Firstly, an important part of blogging is to build relationships with readers and fellow bloggers. Yes that’s right, I want to build a relationship with you and it’s so easy. You can comment on this blog post, you can link me your blog and if you have followed the information in this blog post I will read your excellent blog and comment on how good it is but you should finish reading first. Don’t be greedy; spread the enjoyment around by sharing this blog with all your friends and colleagues. You should also be encouraging readers of your blog to participate and an excellent way to inspire your readers to contribute is to pose a question at the end of your blog to initiate discussion.

Blogs are a form of expression that can’t possibly be successful if it contains boring content. Writing about subjects that you are passionate about makes it easy to make any subject seem interesting if you write passionately enough. Also, mixing formal and informal writing techniques makes for an interesting read as I’m sure you have already noticed. There are millions of blogs out there in the wide world web so why should anybody read yours? Because you are going to make your blog unique to attract readers and to keep your existing readers interested.

Anybody can create a blog; therefore it is important to back up your opinions and theories with references and quotes from credible sources. If you are a credible source, make sure to introduce yourself and include your qualifications. A great man, the very man who introduced me the wonder that is blogging, once told me “A factual blog should be backed up be credible sources”.

That’s all of my blogging strategies that I am prepared to disclose at this present time (and is about how much I can fit into 500 words). If you want some more golden blogging strategies and more delightfully insightful posts you have to do something for me. Comment on this post telling me a creative way that you can make your blog the best blog in the world or just tell me how much you love the post. I’ll start, by training a turkey to read out my blog in Shakespearean. Now you may comment!