Enterprise 2.0 Improving Companies

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another action packed blog post. I hope you are ready to learn about how red bull has benefited from implementing enterprise 2.0 tools because that is what today’s blog is about.

Have you heard of this lovely little brand called Red bull? Of course you have because Red bull is a master of marketing and sales. So crack open that can of Red bull because this post is about to get exciting.

You can’t walk across the street without seeing the Red bull logo because let’s face it, Red bull promotes pretty much everything, well everything adventurous anyway.




But I want to talk about how Red bull uses enterprise 2.0 technologies to achieve their dizzying heights of fame and fortune.

 1. http://www.redbull.com/au/en


The Red bull website is a marketing hub for everything sporty. It collects and displays all news and information about sporting events, famous and upcoming athletes, games, photos and videos about everything Red bull related. I think it’s a stroke of genius because the website successfully advertises Red bull energy drinks, advertises Red bull events and athletes while still providing a positive experience for users that are interested in extreme sports. Community discussion is encouraged through the medium of comments which can be posted on articles, videos and images which is a fundamental aspect of enterprise 2.0.


 2. http://www.redbullshop.com/redbull/#


The site achieves all this without shoving Red bull energy drinks and available products down the user’s throat every 5 seconds. But the products are their of course. There is a separate web store devoted to selling Red bull products which is available through the original website. There is also an option to sign up and receive the Red bull newsletter so the news comes to you! What will they think of next?


 3. https://www.facebook.com/redbull


Red bull is also on the social media band wagon with their Red bull Facebook page. I think it has been a success because at the time of writing this, it has 39,638,999 likes and 340,024 talking about it. This is a great marketing tool because the vast majority of the population uses Facebook which makes it likely that most people will come across Red bull at some point. I know I have because 27 of my friend have already liked the page.


There you have it, an example of just how much implementing enterprise 2.0 strategies can improve a company. Red bull have taken advantage of these strategies to dramatically increase the profitability of their marketing to the point where people actually want to where their logo! Crazy stuff.




4 thoughts on “Enterprise 2.0 Improving Companies

  1. I’m wondering if Red Bull also monitors their social network activities in such depth as Gatorade that I read a blog post on from another Enterprise 2.0 student or Lorna Jane which I researched in my post. If they do receive such massive interactions that I would expect a large social media team to monitor this activity.

    • I’m aware that Red Bull has a huge array of social media channels and mobile applications focusing on different areas of their business and it must’ve been hard to focus on a particular segment for your post! Their Australian page certainly sounds interesting and from your description it seems to manage the fine line of posting interesting and engaging content without their need to promote their brand overwhelming it all like some other companies do. I watch the Formula 1 religiously and as my favourite driver is Mark Webber form Red Bull Racing, I have the Red Bull Team’s F1 “Spy” app for the iPhone installed. It’s a great app as it gives you a behind the scenes look at the goings on of the team, the “Spy” accepts challenges posted to him via Twitter to achieve during race events and the app will post updates on all stages of the race via push notifications so you can stay informed on the go. While they have great brand awareness, do you think all these activities really increase their sales? While I’m actively engaged with following their F1 team, I’m not necessarily going to pick up a Red Bull to drink while watching the race! 🙂

      • I think Red Bull is starting to shift their business model from just selling energy drinks to also selling merchandise such as shirts and caps and shoes and even umbrellas and chairs. Red Bull has associated itself with all things extreme which appeal to a younger audience and now it seems ‘cool’ to some people to wear the Red Bull brand which is right where Red Bull would want to be. Although we don’t see the appeal of wearing and using Red Bull branded items I discovered that a lot of people do while I was researching.

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