Blogs in the Professional Service Sector

This week’s blog is about the professional service sector…. What? That’s not interesting enough for you? Well don’t fret because it’s not just about the professional service sector, its also about social media! Now that I’ve got your attention lets discuss Deloitte.


Deloitte is a professional service firm that provides audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services. Not only is it the largest professional service network in the world, it is also an example of an organization that has utilized enterprise 2.0 and social media.  Coincidence? I think not. Deloitte take advantage of YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Pintrest and the trust old blog. It’s no wonder that Deloitte ranked number one on Living Ratings list of professional service organizations that embrace social media. All of these social media efforts are aimed at the ten value levers of the McKinsey report but more specifically, derive customer insights and use social technologies for marketing communication/interaction. All of the aforementioned social media tools are accessible from the Deloitte website in the ‘Follow Us’ section which indicates that they want to build a lasting relationship with their customers instead of one off purchases.


Deloitte takes blogging very seriously because while researching the organization I’ve manage to find about 12 different Deloitte blogs.  Some blogs are tailored for specific countries and some blogs are tailored to specific topics. Deloitte has covered all bases on the blog front by doing this and they have done a good job because these blogs consist of not only informative posts about Deloitte, they also contain posts about industry related topics outside of Deloitte.  This enhances the Deloitte organization by creating an online presents that not only advocates the Deloitte service but gives back and participates in the community by providing resources about topics from ‘Renewable energy’ to  ‘The 50th international Paris air show. Of course each blog posts allows and encourages its readers to post comments and to share the post on all the social media websites to increase Deloitte’s digital reach even further.  These comments sections are particularly important because they can be used to gather insights from their customers about their products and services which is a fundamental aspect of market research and customer insights value lever.


All of the blogs have numerous links back to the main Deloitte webpage where all the Deloitte magic happens and where they would want to direct their readers because the main page has all of the organization’s information.

This week’s question to all my adoring readers: Do you think having multiple blogs for an organization is a good idea or not? And why?

A list of the many blogs –>


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