Social Media Monitoring

I’ve been discussing social media the past 8 weeks and I hope I’ve realised by now that it’s kind of a big deal, so big in fact that us feeble humans couldn’t possibly keep track of its whereabouts. So like an over protective father to a generously proportioned teenage daughter, we made tools to keep a track of social media’s crazy antics. These tools will be the topic of this week’s blog post.


Social Mention is an example of one of these media tools that can monitor all mention of anything the user desires but it’s most useful when measuring the impact of an organisation on social media. Since I’ve already discussed the social media habits of WWF in a previous post (you should read it if you haven’t, it’s fantastic) I’ve decided to do an analysis WWF’s social media impact using Social Mention. It is surprisingly easy to perform the analysis, simple enter the organisation or phase and hit enter and it will search for posts from across the universe, apparently, and you will be presented with a list of links to social media website posts where WWF is mentioned. These sites are mostly Facebook and Twitter but there is a sprinkling of Flickr and Ask thrown in for good measure. This isn’t surprising because Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media websites. Once the Social Mention found all of the instances of WWF mentions, it performs the all-important analysis.

It can tell you the top keywords used and the number of times each is mentioned but for some reason this section is blank when analysing WWF but I can see that this would be a useful feature when working by allowing organisations can see what the majority of posts are about without having to read them all. Social Mention can tell you exactly how many ‘them all’ is and even how many of them are positive, neutral or negative which I think is a really cool future but have no idea how it works. At first I thought it mustn’t work very well because it showed that WWF has 65 positive, 311 neutral and 6 negative at which point I assumed that mostly it couldn’t tell whether positive of negative so it just filed them mostly under neural. However, I read a few positive, negative and neutral posts and Social Mention was spot on! It also determines simple aspects such as the top users, top Hashtags, Top Sources, minutes avg. per mention, last mention and unique authors.




Social Mention is also brilliant enough to perform a deeper analysis which includes strength, passion and reach.  Strength determines the likelihood that the organisation is being discusses via social media. Passion is a measure of the likelihood that the individuals that talk about the organisation will do so repeatedly. Reach is the measure of the range of influence that the organisation has through social media.  Sentiment is a ratio the shows the positive to negative posts. All of these are determined via different boring calculations that I won’t go into but if you really want to know just visit the website and each calculation provides vital information for organisation to measure their success with social media.



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